This is a wireless RFID Based Automatic School Attendance System. Parents get an instant SMS Notification through integrated Automatic SMS on their mobile phones as soon as their child Enters/Exits the school.

Why this system ?

  • As per CRY (Child Rights and You) estimated that around 180 children go missing on an average every day, including 22 from the national capital.
  • Nearly One lakh children go missing in India every year.
  • In nearly all these cases, the student did not report to school, or left school on time but did not return home and we had no clue on this until it was very late.
  • If the parents or the school authorities could have known in time that the untoward delay/absence of reporting is unnatural, we could have stopped the tragedy.
  • RFID Attendance system marked the attendance and sends an instant notification to the parents/ guardian that the student has reached school or is leaving school.

Our Services

How this system works
  • tecgain have introduced this solution for your Child Safety. It is an automated attendance system with cutting age RFID technology. This is Cloud based application for online student attendance.
  • 100% Smart RFID card with RFID Number will be attached to the student’s ID card. When the student enters the school and punch their ID card at entrance, it will detect the card and marked attendance and send Email/SMS notification to the parents through cloud based Application.
  • System will inform to the parent that their child has entered the school and at the same time system will store the information for the reporting purpose.
Main Features
  • When RFID Card show on the device, attendance marked and instant SMS and Email sent to the parents
  • Attendance marked Email sent to school administration
  • Smart RFID enable Card for students and employees
  • Daily Check-In and Check-out Email / SMS to parents
    Daily Email / SMS to parents for absent student
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly present / absent report
  • Student attendance report available on web/cloud based application
  • Birthday wishes SMS and Email to student
  • RFID Attendance for Teacher and Staff of the organization
  • Daily SMS and Email to Principal for Absent Teacher and Staff
  • RFID Card reading range 10 cm
  • Connects to cloud in 10 seconds
  • Directly connected to the cloud server. No need of software installation
  • Very user friendly online cloud base software
  • Specially designed for smart attendance system for offices and schools
Benefits to School
  • Attendance marked Email sent to school administration
  • Paperless attendance automated logging and monitoring of student’s attendance
  • Teacher and Employee hassle free log-In/Out system.
  • Attendance Report of individual class/ sections generated daily basis
  • Personal messages like Birthday wishes, important school notices, special achievements, reports, emergencies can be instantly communicated with the parent/ guardian.
  • This implementation will surely gives you an edge among other school in term of high technology
  • School may generate revenue from this facility by charging a nominal yearly fees to each student
Benefits to Parent
  • Safety, Security and Tracking of their children
  • Instant notification through Email / SMS to the parents on the safe arrival/exit of their child at school
  • Daily Absent Email / SMS notification to the parents on not arrival of their child at school
  • Freedom from anxiety and mental peace for the parents
  • Reminders / Awareness receipt of important announcement, schedule of exams, events programs, tuition fee / payment updates and other via Email / SMS notification.
We provide
  • Web based Software Application, RFID Reader, RDIF Proximity Card, Email and SMS Gateway.
  • Daily 2 Email / SMS (Entry/Exit) notification for each student to their parents.
  • One User ID and Password for school to our cloud based attendance management system.
  • There is a nominal yearly charges for each student which Includes usage, maintenance Email and SMS per day.
  • Web/Cloud base Application for Daily, Weekly and Monthly Attendance & Absent Reports


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